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News of Ekaterinburg

Arkady Chernetsky has told about electronic pass project

30 июня 2009 22:29

Giving a live broadcast talk on «41-Domashny» channel («Iz pervykh ust» program) the Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky gave publicity to the plan of realization of the project «The transport card of the city of Ekaterinburg» and particularly subway electronic passes.

«This system is being worked out and adopted by our local firm «ASK»,- the Head of Ekaterinburg reported.- All necessary equipment has been bought. Now it's being installed in subway pavilions. Since July we are going to introduce into practice new experimental routine. Near about two hundred randomly chosen people get passes, and we begin watching how it works and what out of order is».

Current moment the Administration of Ekaterinburg is looking for an opportunity to order more than 50000 «electronic purses» for introduction this routine system since autumn 2009.

«Till the end of year we should do the same with our buses and trolleybuses,- Arkady Chernetsky noticed.- Establishing of joint-stock company with participation of municipality, which will solve this question is about to finish. To find resources is necessary for depositing initial money and than approbation of programs and new passes will start. We will try to extend the function of passes. It will not be just a pass, but also a social card which can have different functions. This card can be used as a pass (electronic purse). In addition, this card can contain different social functions. This card efforts opportunity to work with all categories of welfare recipients. We are able to «sew up» different tariffs and routines of work which will be chosen by an owner. Unified tariff will not be necessary like today when there are not electronic cards. It can be any progressive tariff which can be offered by our transport companies which will give essential reductions».


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News of Ekaterinburg
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