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News of Ekaterinburg

Construction of Evropeyskaya Street Will Be Continued in 2010

1 июля 2009 21:24

The Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky and the chief of the Sverdlovsk Railway Vladimir Suprun agreed on further joint action on construction of Evropeyskaya (European) Street.

The General Plan for development of Ekaterinburg intends that Evropeyskaya Street will become the shortest and direct route, on which traffic will move from the area of the railway station to the neighbourhood units «Zarechny» and «Sortirovochny». The initial part of the new road formed by Evropeyskaya Street was built and put into operation five years ago. It came into operation together with a new underground pedestrian crossing (pedestrian subway), built at the intersection of Evropeyskaya and Cheluskintsev streets.

The length of the first stage of a new transport route is that only a few hundred meters. The thoroughfare of Evropeyskaya Street has provided a convenient entrance to the building of the Ural Regional Center for Transportation Management and «bumped» into the territory of «Trade court» of the station «Sverdlovsk-Trade (Tovarny) ». For this reason, work on laying the road was suspended and a period of negotiations with the municipality of SvRW (Sverdlovsk Rail Way) for the removal of «Trade court» objects from the central part of the city to its outskirts started. For its part, the City Administration of Ekaterinburg purposefully detached to the railwaymen some allotments, suitable for transportation and logistics operations. However, for a number of objective and subjective reasons, «relocation» of «Trade court» broke, and the front of work for the extension of the Evropeyskaya Street was not provided on time.

Today Vladimir Suprun promised to Arkady Chernetsky by 2010 to ensure the necessary conditions for road construction on the territory of out sided «Trade court». All project documentation on the street is ready. The following year the city authorities plan to start constructing one of a new road lines. On a whole, the Evropeyskaya Street is supposed to be done in two lines 11,5 meters wide each. In the long term, the movement on this transport route will be organized in six lines, three in each direction.

The Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky attaches great importance to the construction of Evropeyskaya Street and believes that with its appearance on the territory of the city, not only a new transport corridor will start working, but prerequisites for intensive residential, public and business construction in the neighbourhood unit «Vokzalny» will be set up.

фотограф: Анна Храновская


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News of Ekaterinburg
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