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News of Ekaterinburg

Road Repairs in Ekaterinburg: a Guide to High-Quality Materials

2 июля 2009 22:37

Administration of Ekaterinburg began studying technology and quality characteristics of asphalt concrete mixtures produced and used to repair roads in the capital of the Urals.

The first study tour was organized to one of the largest volume of production output «Ekaterinburg asphalt plant». The Director of the enterprise Alexander Shchetina took the factory tour participants: the Deputy Head of Ekaterinburg Evgeny Lipovich, the Chairman of the Committee of improvement in the Administration of Ekaterinburg Tamara Blagodatkova, and the deputy director of the municipal institution «VOIS» Stanislav Starovoitov.

«We got acquainted with the technological process of manufacturing of all types of asphaltic concrete and emulsions, inspected the new equipment, visited the laboratory of input and output controls,- told Stanislav Starovoitov.- We have seen that the technological process of production meets the accepted standards; the plant uses automated control of the mass-procurement process and the production of bitumen emulsions. Raw materials entering the factory, laboratory monitoring takes place on all quality indicators».

It should be noted that for the repair of roads in the Ural capital experts use products not only of «Ekaterinburg asphalt plant». So in the near future it is planned to conduct study tours to other industrial enterprises.

«Such acquaintance with the progress of the production of asphalt concrete mixtures will help to form acquisition policy of only high-quality materials for road repairs. In this case, the quality of asphalt directly affects the quality of road surfaces»,- said Stanislav Starovoitov.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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