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News of Ekaterinburg

Vacant marketplaces in Ekaterinburg are left less one percent

6 июля 2009 21:36

According to the data of Administration of Ekaterinburg, up today, definite signs of stabilization were outlined on the merchant realty market of Ural capital.

So, more than 30 members of city council (soviet) of lessees assented to extend their business and take up extra marketplaces.

It's significant that period when marketplaces were vacant and their management had to reduce rent rate is over.

Up today depending on popularity and attendance of center, marketplace is leased for 700-3000 rubles per one square meter. The quantity of empty marketplaces is reducing height. At present time they are running to less than one percent from general number (1 million and 50 square meters).

In spite of signs of stabilization trade center's managing companies are going on realization of their programs to raise clients' and lessees' loyalty. For example, assortment of suggested services is extending. Trade centers include new public catering establishments, everyday services, rooms for kids. Sales and actions are realized.

It is important to note that today more than 20 trade centers function in Ekaterinburg. 2607 boutiques (21 grocery stores, 2247 not-grocery shops, 96 lunchrooms and 224 service points) are located in these centers. The market of trade services disposes of about 2600 lessees. 26 of them are ready to view projects of market place extending.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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