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News of Ekaterinburg

New plan of waste collection is being inculcated in Ekaterinburg

14 июля 2009 21:10

Ecology and nature management committee of Administration of the city of Ekaterinburg and EMUE (Ekaterinburg municipal unitary enterprise) «Spetsavtobaza» created new plan of hard and domestic waste (HDW) collection on the distant territories of the Ural capital.

According to chair of committee Sergey Arkhipov with a view to make experiment specialists inculcated the plan since June, 1 2009 on the territories of three settlements (Severka, Sem Kluchey and Chusovskoe ozero). The point is that an inhabitant buys garbage bag in EMUE «Spetsavtobaza» bags garbage and puts it outside. After that a refuse tipper takes bags for utilization. «We created two types of bags: for110 liters at the price of 17 rubles per a bag and for 60 liters at the price of 11 rubles per a bag,- Sergey Arkhipov said.- The price of a bag includes delivery and utilization of hard and domestic waste For the first month we sold more than 2000 bags. Waste collection is realizing according to schedule four times per a week».

Before experiment the specialists of ecology and nature management committee and «Spetsavtobaza» realized preparatory work: «a refuse tripper with back feeding has been bought, many vehicles which are equipped in the plan have been repaired painted, meetings with dwellers, serious advertising campaigns have been conducted in the settlements»,- Sergey Arkhipov reported.

According to Sergey Arkhipov one of the most important advantages of a new plan is that a settlement dweller pays only for quantity of hard and domestic waste which he makes, «Up today city dwellers who lives in private sector don't pay for HDW collection when residents of tenement-houses to the contrary pay for it that is social unjustice,- Sergey Arkhipov noticed.- Administration of the city of Ekaterinburg spends much money for waste collection from private sector. Inculcation of new plan allows cutting down these expenses. Free means can be used for other goals, in particular for acquiring of special vehicles, installation of conveyors».

Moreover, Administration of the city of Ekaterinburg is going to increase the list of territories, which are taking part in the new plan of HDW collection. «We have 64 built-up areas,- Sergey Arkhipov said,- More than 80.000 people live there».

It is significant that new plan of HDW collection is called «Waste in white». Last year The Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky visited South Korea, when he saw it in practice. The mayor gave proper commissions to his substitute Eugeny Lipovich. Under the direction of Eugeny Lipovich ecology committee and «Spetsavtobaza» began realizing this experiment.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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