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News of Ekaterinburg

Experiment on use of the electronic ticket started in Ekaterinburg

15 июля 2009 21:42

July, 15, today in the Ural capital the experiment in use of electronic ticket began on the base of municipal enterprise «The Ekaterinburg underground».

From today the system of electronic payment of journey to the underground has started to operate in a test mode. The organizers of experiment have entrusted to test the system in business to 200 volunteers, being active users of underground. Their number included pensioners, students, builders and veterans of underground, and also the citizens having according to the current legislation the right to preferential journey. All of them have received experimental plastic cards which will use at journey to the underground during two and a half months - till September, 30th.

After the analysis of the results of experiment mass use of electronic cards in the Ekaterinburg underground will begin. The city authorities have already ordered 50 thousand plastic cards which would be offered passengers in quality of «an electronic purse». In a case if the operational experience of electronic tickets in the Ekaterinburg underground will be recognized by positive, since January, 1st, 2010 it will be extended and to other kinds of city public transport.

Let's remind, the project of the automated system «Transport map of the city of Ekaterinburg» urged to provide introduction of uniform electronic cards for journey to municipal passenger transport of the general using. «The transport card» is the first development cycle of the project «Electronic card of a city dweller» (it is created with a view of improvement of quality of service of passengers and introduction of the uniform ticket on all kinds of passenger transport).

It is planned that commercial carriers will join the automated system «Transport map of the city of Ekaterinburg».

The head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky has set the task till the end of 2009 completely to work the concept and the scheme of use of the uniform ticket (electronic cards) on all kinds of public transport.
Ekaterinburg municipal unitary enterprise «the Ekaterinburg underground» was chosen as an experimental base for arrangement of the systems.

The group of companies «АSК» carries out technical, program and informational support of the project. Now all stations of underground are equipped by the special reading devices, special terminals for check and replenishment of balance of electronic cards, controllers and the system servers which problem consists in gathering, processing and transfer of all data, concerning electronic system of payment of journey.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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