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News of Ekaterinburg

The whole pedestrian ensemble will appear in Ekaterinburg

17 июля 2009 22:45

The head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky has hold a staff in Vainer Street where workers are building the pedestrian esplanade. It lies on a slope of «Moskovskaya gorka» from Sheinkman Street in the direction of trading-entertaining centre «Greenwich». Executed in the form of the pedestrian paths connected by ladder marches, the esplanade should become an excellent gift for all dwellers which they will receive to the next Birthday of the city. The esplanade will connect a housing estate of «Moskovskaya gorka» with a quarter of Vainer, Radischev, Vosmoe Marta, Kuibyshev Streets will provide convenient access on the area in front of the enter of "Greenwich" and will merge with the central pedestrian zone of the Ural capital. Extension of the esplanade will make 580 metres, width - about 6 metres.

Checking a state of affairs on object, Arkady Chernetsky made sure that the first site of the esplanade located between Sheinkman Street and Sacco and Vanzetti Street was almost ready. It represents coated with a dark red stone stairs equipped with special ramps, handrails and lanterns.

Builders are also laying the following turn of the esplanade in the area of Khokhryakov Street. Experts are mounting ladder marches, flagging, clearing away surrounding space putting things in order on objects adjoining to the esplanade This site of a walking zone, no less than its following piece, from Khokhryakov street to Vainer street, will be flat, with a minimum quantity of steps. Workers are going to decorate the esplanade with flowers, green plantings and also to equip with special «pockets» for benches and rest of walking public.

Thus, the esplanade will harmoniously merge with the pedestrian zone in Vainer Street which to the City Day will be equipped between Radischev Street and the complex of buildings «Greenwich». Experts are conducting works on the construction of Ural «Arbat» in parallel with building of the third turn of «Greenwich».

The Head of Ekaterinburg has checked a course of an accomplishment of the third turn of a foot zone in Vainer Street up. Last year the city authorities have started in a system the underground pedestrian crossing under Radischev Street and have provided prospect of the further development of Ural «Arbat». This year to the middle of August all works on an accomplishment and furnishing of the third turn of the pedestrian zone of Vainer Street is being planned to be finished, and it entirely will pass in the order of moving on foot and having a rest dwellers and visitors of Ekaterinburg.

By the same time workers will finish furnishing of facades and entrance groups of the third turn of «Greenwich», and also sidewalks adjoining it and lawns.

It is necessary to notice that the esplanade construction, no less than prolongation of the pedestrian zone in Vainer street is carried out in Ekaterinburg within the limits of the strategic project «the City for pedestrians».

Фотограф: Анна Храновская


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News of Ekaterinburg
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