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News of Ekaterinburg

City Day as a reconstruction stage

20 июля 2009 22:05

One month has passed as the summit of the Shanghai cooperation organization and the constituent forum of the Heads of the states of a new international alliance BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have taken place in the Ural capital. It is not necessary to convince someone that influence of these associations on the global policy and economy is great.

We saw, how in July conversations in Moscow the Head of the American Administration Barack Obama and the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev time and again rose the question about consolidation of efforts of the USA, the European Union, SCO and BRIC for reconstruction of the system of the international relations and development of new market rules and mechanisms.

The same influential four defined a tonality of conversations in the Italian town of Aquila. As in format G8 - Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, Russia, the USA, France, Japan, - and in discussion of the leaders already 27 countries and representatives of 8 international organizations - the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the International currency fund, the World bank and others.

It was recognized that expansion of the circle of participants of global dialogue was objective process. It is possibly the main recognition in the history of mankind: rich man and poor man, a superpower or developing country, - nobody can exist already alone or at the expense of the others; nobody will get the better of the inquiries of day and will not succeed in resolution of problems if he ignores different views and aspirations. The world is not a subject for reshaping; it is necessary to find true in compromises, constructing a common economic platform.

I should note, this recognition of global scale was formulated not somewhere, and in the Ekaterinburg declaration.

«Aspiration for peace and a sustainable development, assistance to equitable cooperation became time effect. The tendency to the real multipolarity is irreversible, - is told in the document. - The international cooperation is the basic and effective tool in counteraction to new challenges and threats, overcoming of the global financial crisis, guaranteeing of power and food safety... The safety of one should not be provided to the detriment of safety of the others».

References to the Ekaterinburg declaration with instructions of a place of its acceptance sounded both in Moscow, and in Aquila.

International analysts reverted to the resolutions of SCO and BRIC more than once for this month.

So without any stretches it is possible to say: one month ago Ekaterinburg was included into the world history. It is remarkable that successful start of global changes was promoted by the appearance of our city. It has designated not only the potential of Russia, but also the real results of the policy of openness when association of efforts of the most different groups and the account of all interests allow to achieve tangible results and to constrain blows - like present crisis.

It is rather naturally that the participants and visitors of the Ekaterinburg forums confirmed and decked the summary which was given to Ekaterinburg by Dmitry Medvedev, opening meetings at the highest levels that the capital of the Urals was the most dynamically developing territory of Russia. Naturally, everyone noted the world class of business infrastructure of the Ural capital; scale building; a wide variety of economic businesses; accomplishment of parks and quays, modern hotels; theatres; museums etc.

Clearly, the city as the hospitable owner, had been preparing for meeting of dear guests. But hardly probable who begins to assert that reconstruction of the city housing estates has been proceeding for the sake of an ordinary window-dressing.

The Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky initially posed a problem that any object from the plan of preparation for the summits of SCO and BRIC should correspond to the projects of the Strategic plan for development of the city and the General layout of its building. There are the best airport of Russia, the Center of culture «Ural», child's theatre «Schelkunchik», a few substations from which "Petrischevskyaya» has given light to microdistrict «Akademichesky» where in its turn the first houses were commissioned.
In all there are more than 100 new objects in the list. All of them - will tell, almost 30 hotels, 8 business centers and so on are from strategic projects. Not everyone sees that life in Ekaterinburg after SCO and BRIC has not frozen at all.

The city dwellers know the tradition: to put into operation ten new objects of the city infrastructure to City Day, - simply some of them were put in operation for a couple months earlier. Tens of objects are being prepared for commission - one in August, others till the end of the year: the third turn of Vainer Street, the new dwelling houses, three schools; four new kindergartens... It is impossible to list everything.

Preparation for the international meetings was only one of the stages of city reconstruction, another is expected - but all erected is functional and defines the future of Ekaterinburg.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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