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News of Ekaterinburg

The youth policy in Ekaterinburg: the experience of strategic planning and work for the concrete result

22 июля 2009 22:04

The second for the Year of youth (2009, as it is known, was declared in Russia and in some countries of CIS the same) reference of the Council of state: in March - presidium, past Friday - Council with its full complement - to the themes of youth policy, is supposed to be defensible.

If now, according to the data of Rosstat, the number of the inhabitants of Russia under the age of 30 makes 43% (people at the age of 14-30 years when as is customary to name a person young are less than 27 %) owing to demographic failures of the end of last century it can appear that the next decades one young man will already have two old men. As a matter of fact, so as not to be ejected on the roadside of civilization, it is necessary for Russia, that new generation should surpass the level not only present Russian generations but also the contemporaries from the leading countries by erudition, spiritually-moral, cultural levels of inner development.

The world experience shows that revolutionary, epoch-making discoveries are invented by the scientists and the experts who have reached certain tops already at the age of 25-30; in art demand for success of all life is made at this age. However today according to the data of Rosstat people at this age, occupied in real economy are only 13,3%; middle age of administrative personnel in public service is 41, on municipal posts - 43 years.

Look at the staffs of the academic institutes, the creative unions! Rewarding of winners of prestigious international scientific and creative awards shows that an age difference of awarded people from the West and the East, on the one hand, and Russia, on another, - nearly during epoch.

It is naturally the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has told at the Council of State: «Without participation of youth in innovations we are not able to create that new technological society to which we so aspire. In all over the world both science, and technological achievements are made by young people, therefore our absolutely actual problem is to encourage scientific and technical creativity of youth, to create conditions for birth of new ideas and the most important thing - for their subsequent use, that is for commercialization ». The President has come to a conclusion that it was necessary to prepare the federal target program «Youth of Russia» for 2011-2015. This program should reflect measures on use of innovative potential, support of various youth initiatives and development of youth business. However Dmitry Medvedev does not think that special «law on youth» can solve the problem. The uniform sight at the problem is not generated yet, and it is impossible to create an accurate legal document without it. This document will be crude and idle.

Another matter is the strategic base construction which will define all state policy in youth refraction. It has so many sides. And essential alcoholization in the youth midst, the narcotism - from 70 to 100 thousand young men dies because of drugs annually; almost 40% of young people smoke, and only 16% of youth go for sports regularly, and every third young man can not serve in the army by a state of health. Young mothers give birth to kids with deviations in health. Our higher education has a great number of disadvantages. There are some problems with highly moral TV programs. Many family values are lost.

As it seems to me developing the conceptual construction of a state policy on all spectrum, it will be useful for the federal centre to apply to available in Russia experience of strategic planning and works on concrete result. For example, in the Strategic plan of development of the capital of Urals by the initiative of the Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky there are projects where youth has predominating role. «City school - the standard «five stars», «the Big university» and «Library of XXI-st century». «Development of small producing business» and «Ekaterinburg - the centre of innovative activity and innovative services». Projects «I choose life» (narcotism preventive maintenance), «Stadium in a yard», «Family», «the Youth prospectus», «City patriotism» and others form readiness for participation in a public and cultural life of the city and the country at youth, work on improvement young people and offer possibilities for education at them patriotism and tolerance, creation of culture of a young family.

Ekaterinburg by right can be called as the city of young people; after all we have 411 thousand dwellers - almost every third (!) is at the age from 14 till 30. This statistics says that work of the mayoralty, all city community gives positive results- anyway, a demographic situation was managed to break.

Submitted by Dmitry Medvedev at the Council of State proposition to lower the age requirement for deputies of representative bodies of the power of local government till 18 years against a background of successes of Ekaterinburg in the youth policy looks quite logical.

It is supposed, the city community will not be against such changes in the Charter of Ekaterinburg. As for young people they should understand that success comes to self making people.


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News of Ekaterinburg
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