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News of Ekaterinburg

Elephant Day will be held in Ekaterinburg zoo

27 июля 2009 21:48

Elephant Day will be held on August, 2nd in Ekaterinburg zoo. The holiday is devoted to the biggest inhabitant of the menagerie - the Indian elephant cow Dasha. This day entertaining and informative competitions devoted to elephants wait for the visitors.

Up today number of the Indian elephants in the nature is about 30 thousand individuals. In all native habits they are threatened with disappearance. Already more than 5 thousand years an Indian elephant is used by human as a working animal. Now elephants are left only in the zoos of Ekaterinburg, Moscow, Perm and Kaliningrad.

Dasha was born in Laos in 1981 and at the age of eight months elephant calf has arrived to theatre «Ugolok dedushki Durova» (Corner of grandad Durov).

The elephant cow has appeared in Ekaterinburg in August, 2007. Now Dasha is full of energy. In the nature and in zoos lifetime of elephants is 60-80 years.

In the city zoo all conditions for comfortable abode of elephant are created: a winter warm premise and spacious summer paddock with pool and a sandy area.

Duration of two-year stay in Ekaterinburg zoo the elephant cow has strongly changed: it recovered, looked better, became more confident, got used to a daily routine and has got new acquaintances and habits.

Dasha communicates with the workers of the zoo with pleasure, it likes being talked about. It knows a command «Show a lag»: if person points to his lag at that the elephant cow raises and touches its lag with a trunk, and it distinguishes the right and left finitenesses.

As it was noted in the zoo, following the results of numerous interrogations of visitors, the elephant cow is one of the most interesting and favorite animals. According to the rating of popularity Dasha is a doubtless leader.


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News of Ekaterinburg
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