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News of Ekaterinburg

In one of the yards of Ekaterinburg local residents have laid out a garden with exotic plants

27 июля 2009 22:59

«Come in two weeks, when mallow, phloxes and «a gold sphere» will blossom, there will be a beauty here, - with such words we were met by the owner of the flower bed by the house in Michurinа street, 237 «a», building 5 (Oktyaborsky district) Ekaterina Beloglazova.

In front of her window the flower field was laid out. There are delphinium, lavatera and ligularia... It is uneasy even for Ekaterina Andreevna to list the names of all the plants. One year before it was possible to see even Palma Christi - the beauty with carved leaves, something similar to a palm tree Ekaterina Beloglazova promises to plant it next year again.

The first flowers appear in April, one after another they open the buds towards to the sun within the summer, and the lawn keeps multi-colored up to the first snow. It is naturally: every day Ekaterina Beloglazova checks how flowers feel, she accurately ties up the highest of them that nothing will fall down, puts a lawn in order.

This year weather is very changeable: sometimes it rains sometimes droughty days come that is why the flower bed needs special attention, watering with fertilizers. While cropping Ekaterina Andreevna usually fertilizes soil with peat.

The lawn in front of the house in Michurin street has been gladdening both the mistress of the flower bed and the residents of nearby houses, and simply casual passers-by for 5 years.

«Here is a person, who is not in good shoes, anything does not gladden him. And he will look at flowers - and at once he feels better. You look, and the mood will turn for the better. If you do something with pleasure it gives good results. The same for flowers, - Ekaterina Andreevna considers. - If you do something, it is necessary that you should do it well. Otherwise it is useless».

The owner of the flower bed never picks fruits of own works. After all if a flower is put in a house vase, it will not stay for long, and it will bring pleasure only to you.

Let a small source of happiness be in the yard so that everyone could take a slice of it away with him.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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