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News of Ekaterinburg

Competition «My city is my home» started in the Ural capital

30 июля 2009 21:57

The Administration of the city of Ekaterinburg declared carrying out of competition «My city is my home» of 2009. The corresponding document was signed by the first deputy of the Head of Ekaterinburg Alexander Jacob.

This week a regional stage of the competition is going off. The winners will reach the city stage.

The goals of the competition:

- improving of complex accomplishment and sanitary state of the city territories;

- creation of the harmonious architecturally-landscape environment of the city;

- popularization of the advanced experience of accomplishment of the city territories.

Irrespective of the organizational-legal form, organizations and the administrations of the districts will take part in competition and will struggle in nominations «The best maintenance of the territory of district» and «The best territory of the organization». The organizers have provided for three prize-winning places in each nomination.

The commission of the competition will estimate the level of accomplishment, planting of greenery and sanitary condition of territory of a district on following criterions:

1) state of roadways, sidewalks, refuse-bins;

2) state of planting of greenery in streets (lawns, trees, bushes);

3) organization of removal of hard domestic waste from the private sector;

4) level of restoration of accomplishment after carrying out of excavation;

5) work with written references of the citizens.

The same commission will estimate accomplishment of the territory of organization on following criterions:

- sanitary state of given and bordering to the object territory provided by appropriate sanitary maintenance of roadways, sidewalks, container platforms, lawns;

- maintenance of roads, sidewalks and carrying out of timely repair of road, sidewalk covering;

- maintenance of external illumination and illumination of buildings and constructions in technically working order, use of new kinds of the lighting equipment;

- appearance of facades, advertising designs, signboards, stained-glass windows with use of modern materials;

- maintenance of little architectural forms;

- use of new design solutions in the given territory;

- maintenance of objects of planting of greenery : carrying out sanitary pruning, performance of requirements to maintenance of lawns.

The participants of the competition who have taken the first, the second and the third places in separate nominations will receive diplomas of the Administration of Ekaterinburg and costly presents as the award.

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News of Ekaterinburg
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