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News of Ekaterinburg

Russian-Ukrainian inter-regional forum will take place in Ekaterinburg 7 сентября 2010 22:43
Ural federal district and the Ukraine are planning to sign inter-regional cooperation agreements.
The first Ural industrial biannual exhibition of modern art starts in Ekaterinburg 6 сентября 2010 21:09
The purpose of the project is to help to understand last and present modernization in Russia.
The Ekaterinburg zoo will accept surpluses of the crop from Ural gardeners 3 сентября 2010 22:45
Diet of the residents of the zoo is very various and includes some hundreds of descriptions of products.
International forum of translators will be held in Ekaterinburg 2 сентября 2010 21:04
Representatives of 100 translator companies and bureaus will take part in the action.
Festival of puppet shows «Petrushka Veliky» will be held in Ekaterinburg 1 сентября 2010 19:56
Troupes from Bulgaria, Japan, Italy and Iran will come to the Ural capital.
Electronic school record book will be introduced at schools of two Ekaterinburg districts 31 августа 2010 20:44
It will be more difficult to hide poor marks from parents.
The largest High School of Ekaterinburg will celebrate its birthday for one month 30 августа 2010 22:05
This year Ural federal university is 90 years old.
The first Ural sketch comedy «Shkolniki.ru» will be shot in Ekaterinburg 27 августа 2010 23:04
The project represents a set of short and dynamical comic series.
Ekaterinburg will have its own Guardian angel 26 августа 2010 20:37
Such decision was made by the mayor of the Ural capital.
The Head of Ekaterinburg supervised the preparation of schools for the beginning of the new school year 25 августа 2010 17:49
The Head of Ekaterinburg supervised the preparation of schools for the beginning of the...

News of Ekaterinburg
Russia celebrates Easter 20 апреля 2014 13:54

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