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News of Ekaterinburg

Following the results of the year birth rate in Ekaterinburg will run a surplus 24 августа 2010 21:25
Death rate in the Ural capital continues declining.
Vadim Vorobyov became candidate on entering the Ekaterinburg city Duma 24 августа 2010 18:11
Head of Kirovskiy district of Ekaterinburg, Vadim Vorobyov, on Tuesday, August the 24th,...
The director from Ekaterinburg will take part in Venetian film festival 23 августа 2010 22:09
At the competition Alexey Fedorchenko will present film «Yellowhammers».
City Day results: on Sunday morning the city was absolutely clean 23 августа 2010 17:49
City services in the night of the 21st of August took out 532.6 cubic meters of litter...
Order of Lenin will decorate Ekaterinburg again 20 августа 2010 22:13
Main order of the USSR was received by the city in 1973 by its 250th birthday.
Arkady Chernetsky launched the building the highest building of Ekaterinburg 20 августа 2010 17:03
The Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky on the eve of the 287th anniversary of the...
Arkady Chernetsky congratulated Ekaterinburg dwellers on City Day 19 августа 2010 21:27
The Ural capital is 287 years old.
The Cup of Ekaterinburg - 2010 regatta starts in the waters of Verkh-Isetskiy pond 19 августа 2010 21:01
The Cup of Ekaterinburg - 2010 regatta starts in the waters of Verkh-Isetskiy pond. As...
Arkady Chernetsky: Ekaterinburg overcomes crisis 18 августа 2010 20:30
The Head of Ekaterinburg presented statistics of socio-economic development of the city.
Andrey Kozitsyn became an honorary citizen of Ekaterinburg 18 августа 2010 19:06
The commission, chaired by the Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky on Wednesday,...

News of Ekaterinburg
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