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News of Ekaterinburg

Preparations for the heating season started in Yekaterinburg 17 июня 2010 18:15
Konstantin Krynin held the first meeting of the preparation for the winter.
The Tatars and the Bashkirs will celebrate Sabantuy 16 июня 2010 22:06
The folk festival will be held in Ekaterinburg on the territory of the Central park of culture and recreation.
The Head of Еkaterinburg set a goal to finish all of the excavation and concrete works on Chkalovskaya subway station until the end of 2010 16 июня 2010 21:25
The works are going on ahead of the schedule.
New kind of public conveyances will appear in Ekaterinburg 15 июня 2010 21:41
Rail buses will follow a number of routs.
Day of people who like sweets will be held in Ekaterinburg 11 июня 2010 22:29
Competitions, puppet show and performance of variety-jazz orchestra expect visitors of the Central park of culture and recreation.
The exhibition of old cars will be held in Ekaterinburg 10 июня 2010 22:14
At the end of the action parade of retro cars will take place.
Viennese musical film festival will be held in Ekaterinburg 9 июня 2010 22:19
This action will take place in Russia for the first time.
Arkady Chernetsky reported about development of Ekaterinburg in 2009 8 июня 2010 21:11
On June, 8th, 2010 the Head of Ekaterinburg Arkady Chernetsky spoke to the deputies of...
The governor officially started the project «Big Ekaterinburg» 7 июня 2010 22:45
Arkady Chernetsky received the document with the initiative of the governor.
The museum of the history of Ekaterinburg celebrates its 70th anniversary 4 июня 2010 21:06
New project of the museum «Black manager of the revolution» is dated for the anniversary.

News of Ekaterinburg
Russia celebrates Easter 20 апреля 2014 13:54

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