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News of Ekaterinburg

The first open-air cinema will appear in Ekaterinburg 3 июня 2010 21:02
It will be located on the side of Verkh-Isetsky pond.
Ekaterinburg impressed French writers arrived by «Literary train» 2 июня 2010 21:59
In the Ural capital writers were amazed by considerable quantity of high buildings and good nature of the dwellers.
The heads of defense and law enforcement agencies of Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States will gather in Ekaterinburg 1 июня 2010 21:38
At once two actions with participation of the heads of defense and law enforcement agencies will be held in the Ural capital.
American organist will finish the season in the Sverdlovsk philharmonic society 31 мая 2010 22:18
Well-known Andre Lesh was invited to finish the season.
Unique clinic for nursing of newborns will open in Ekaterinburg 31 мая 2010 21:16
The hospital is fitted out by up-to-date equipment.
Traditional «May extreme» will be held on Sunday in the Historical public garden 28 мая 2010 22:25
One ton of carps will be thrown to the Iset River.
«Forbes»: Ekaterinburg is in the top three of the best cities for business 28 мая 2010 21:23
The journal has analyzed the situation in 30 most populated cities.
The Administration of Ekaterinburg will extend the city borders 27 мая 2010 23:17
The territory of the Ural capital will increase in September of this year.
For 5 years 51 kilometers of roads and seven interchanges will be built in Ekaterinburg 27 мая 2010 22:46
Besides, the second turn of underground is being planned.
For 15 years almost 17.5 million square meters of housing habitation will be built in Ekaterinburg 27 мая 2010 21:43
The Administration is going to develop both multistoried and low-rise construction.

News of Ekaterinburg
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