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News of Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg is equal to Moscow by quantity of children's clubs 26 мая 2010 22:20
There are 133 residential clubs in the Ural capital.
Ekaterinburg is in the top three of leaders by retail trade turnover 26 мая 2010 21:18
Only Moscow and Saint Petersburg pass ahead of the Ural capital.
The dweller of Ordzhonikidzevsky district of Ekaterinburg is 100 years old 25 мая 2010 22:22
The head of the district administration has congratulated Elena Burukhina on the jubilee.
The festival of street art «Stenograffiya» will be held in Ekaterinburg 25 мая 2010 21:16
Masters of graffiti will paint concrete fences, shorter sides of operating buildings, underground crossings and even factories.
Every seventeenth school-leaver in Ekaterinburg pretends to a medal 24 мая 2010 22:25
School-leaving parties were held in the city schools.
Ekaterinburg increased volumes of major repairs of habitation one and half times as much 24 мая 2010 21:20
Quantity of replaced lifts also increased 5.5 times as many.
Shooting of stray dogs in Ekaterinburg can be replaced by humane technologies 21 мая 2010 22:03
The authorities of Ekaterinburg are going to introduce new ways of regulation the number of animals.
Ekaterinburg will see «The night of fountains» 21 мая 2010 21:01
Show under such name will be held in Mayakovsky Park.
Fiction writer Dan Simmons will visit anniversary «Aelita» in Ekaterinburg 20 мая 2010 22:20
Next year literary festival will celebrate its thirtieth birthday.
Ekaterinburg has exceeded pre-crisis figures on the construction of premises 20 мая 2010 21:18
The commission of the city duma considered the reports devoted to the results of development of the Ural capital in 2009.

News of Ekaterinburg
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