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News of Ekaterinburg

The chairman of the Association of lawyers of Russia named Ekaterinburg legal capital of the country 19 мая 2010 22:15
The fourth session of the European-Asian legal congress opened in the city.
Physicians of Ekaterinburg left their Kazan colleagues almost twice as much behind in the terms of salary 19 мая 2010 21:12
The average salary of medical staff in the Ural capital made 19 thousand and 877 rubles.
Eugenia Umnikova: Ekaterinburg stakes on preservation and development of human potential 18 мая 2010 22:32
It is the basis of the strategy of development of the Ural capital.
The dwellers of Ekaterinburg began registering their marriages more often 18 мая 2010 21:31
The quantity of divorces simultaneously declines.
About 45 thousand people have visited «Night of museums» in Ekaterinburg 17 мая 2010 22:17
It is twice as many than the organizers supposed.
«Contact zoo» will appear in the Ural capital 17 мая 2010 21:15
Visitors will be able to «get acquainted» with its inhabitants independently - for example, to stroke an animal.
The population in Ekaterinburg is approximating 1.4 million people 14 мая 2010 22:24
Birth rate started exceeding mortality.
Arenas for swimming and skating will be built in Ekaterinburg 14 мая 2010 21:20
Besides, popularization of sport is included into the strategic plan of development of the Ural capital.
The strategic plan of development of Ekaterinburg will be actualized 13 мая 2010 22:49
The direct transmission of the sessions of program council will be organized on the Official portal of Ekaterinburg.
By salary level Ekaterinburg is among the leading cities with a population of one million or more 13 мая 2010 21:44
By this figure the Ural capital left behind Novosibirsk which had taken the second place by 2 thousand rubles.

News of Ekaterinburg
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