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News of Ekaterinburg

The largest for recent time substation will be constructed in Ekaterinburg 29 марта 2010 21:24
The area of the substation will make 8.1 hectares.
Main chiming clock of Ekaterinburg will be put forward an hour automatically 26 марта 2010 22:16
The electronic station built in the clockwork answers for this process.
Fashion days are returning to the Ural capital 26 марта 2010 21:18
The motto of the project is «On to way to revival!»
Ekaterinburg students made a stab at the Guinness Book of Records 25 марта 2010 22:22
The longest garland in the world will be stretched out in the city.
The monument to Boris Yeltsin will appear in Ekaterinburg in the day of his 80th anniversary 25 марта 2010 21:21
Creation of the monument is being finished.
Victory salute will thunder in Ekaterinburg 30 times 24 марта 2010 22:13
Salvo will be fired at 10:00 p.m.
Sverdlovsk dwellers began traveling about Russia more often 24 марта 2010 21:12
Popularity of Russian sights considerably increased.
The Ural gunners will bring multiple rocket launchers into combat readiness 23 марта 2010 22:22
Service men will have firing practice.
Open competition of performers of classical dance starts in Ekaterinburg 23 марта 2010 21:21
Over 120 ballerinas and dancers at the age of 10-17 years will become participants of the competition.
House with solar batteries will appear in Ekaterinburg 22 марта 2010 22:04
The project of science intensive construction is already finished.

News of Ekaterinburg
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