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News of Ekaterinburg

Sverdlovsk Paralympic competitors won ten medals for Russian national team 22 марта 2010 21:03
The Russian national team took the first place in team rating of the Paralympic Games.
Celebration of Victory Day in Ekaterinburg will become the most major for all Russian history 19 марта 2010 21:25
During the parade the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev will speak on the air.
Workers of the Ekaterinburg zoo faced threat of cannibalism 18 марта 2010 22:48
Young mother is fattened, that she would not eat her own children.
Football: match with the debutant of the first league will open the season for «Ural» 17 марта 2010 22:46
This year the club will celebrate the 80th anniversary.
Irina Antonenko: my odds to become «Miss Universe» make 99 of 100 16 марта 2010 22:16
Ekaterinburg beauty who had won the title «Miss Russia-2010» evaluated her chances to win world beauty contest.
274 new food items appeared in Ekaterinburg 16 марта 2010 21:15
For a year volume of foodstuffs production increased by 5%.
Ekaterinburg dwellers are going to celebrate «Hour of the Earth» 15 марта 2010 22:32
The dwellers will be able to express their attitude to expenditure of energy supply of the planet.
Arkady Chernetsky organized Special Interest Group in the limits of the project «Big Ekaterinburg» 15 марта 2010 21:31
Members of the group will prepare different variants of algorithm of creation of «Big Ekaterinburg».
Famous Spanish violinist will perform in Ekaterinburg 12 марта 2010 23:09
Mstislav Rostropovich and Yehudi Menuhin admired her talent.
This year 45 enterprises of the sphere of the consumer market will appear in Ekaterinburg 12 марта 2010 21:07
Their total area will make more than 200 thousand square metres.

News of Ekaterinburg
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