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News of Ekaterinburg

The best samples of Russian military equipment will be presented on parade in Ekaterinburg. 17 марта 2011 16:04
First assistant to the head of Ekaterinburg Administration Sergey Shvindt on Wednesday, March, 16, 2011, has held a meeting......[read more]
«Donor's Day» has been conducted in Ekaterinburg Administration 16 марта 2011 13:49
In Ekaterinburg Administration on Tuesday, March, 15th, 2011, there has been conducted «Donor's Day».....[read more]
In Ekaterinburg french scientists will tell us about the first people 15 марта 2011 17:15
«Alliance Fransez Ekaterinburg» invites all interested persons to lectures in the Ural State University......[read more]
Ekaterinburg metallurgists have expanded possibilities for laser working of steel 14 марта 2011 12:38
Workers of "VIZ-Stal" have begun equipment installation the second turn of the laser working complex.....[read more]
Snowfall will be in Ekaterinburg in the weekend. 11 марта 2011 18:28
Weather is changing to a spring harmony, weight of air is quickly change each other......[read more]
Ekaterinburg - one of the few Russian cities which have kept the network of municipal country health camps 11 марта 2011 16:27
Head of Ekaterinburg Administration Alexander Yacob on Thursday, March, 10th, 2011, has held a meeting on which.....[read more]
Freestyle: a man from Ekaterinburg has won on the Cup of Russia 9 марта 2011 21:50
Twenty five years old Pavel Korpachev from Ekaterinburg has won the Cup of Russia.....[read more]
French comedian Pierre Richard has arrived to Ekaterinburg. 9 марта 2011 14:13
Famous French Actor Pierre Richard has arrived in the evening on March, 7th by train to Ekaterinburg......[read more]
Evgeniy Porunov has congratulated women of the Kirovsky District with the holiday "Vosmoe Marta" 4 марта 2011 15:40
On March, 3rd in Ekaterinburg Culture Center "Ural" has taken place the celebration concert devoted to the International women's day......[read more]
A fary-tale exhibition will be opened in Ekaterinburg 4 марта 2011 13:13
Ekaterinburg students decided to show their view of children's fairy tales......[read more]

News of Ekaterinburg
Russia celebrates Easter 20 апреля 2014 13:54

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