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News of Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg has build more housing habitation than Novosibirsk and Perm taken together 30 декабря 2010 21:46
The Ural capital has established a record.
In 2010 Ekaterinburg will exceed pre-crisis figures on the quantity of tourists 29 декабря 2010 21:05
Following the results of this year volume of passenger traffic on international flights from Koltsovo will make 2.8 million people.
Average wage in Ekaterinburg is almost by 5 thousand rubles more than average Russian figures are 27 декабря 2010 21:22
On the average Ekaterinburg dwellers earn 25 thousand and 900 rubles a month.
In 2011-2013 tens of kilometers of new roads and interchanges will be built in Ekaterinburg 24 декабря 2010 21:17
Alexander Yacob has signed the long-term selected program for realization.
Quantity of sportsmen in Ekaterinburg will increase twice as many 23 декабря 2010 21:20
Over 20% of Ekaterinburg dwellers go for sport.
More than 250 Christmas trees will be installed in the streets of Ekaterinburg 22 декабря 2010 21:16
Inaugurations of ice parks will be held since December, 23rd till December, 30th.
Record amount of housing habitation will be commissioned in Ekaterinburg in 2011 21 декабря 2010 21:43
Builders have surpassed figures of 2008.
Trolleybuses with low floor have started running along the streets of Ekaterinburg 20 декабря 2010 20:15
They follow the routes of Ordzhonikidzevsky depot.
Waste-sorting factory of Ekaterinburg will receive innovative equipment 17 декабря 2010 21:35
It will not only sort waste qualitatively but also save electric power
This year hotels of Ekaterinburg have received more than one million people 16 декабря 2010 22:24
Every seventh of them is a foreigner.

News of Ekaterinburg
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