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Magazine «Stolitsa Urala»

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Журнал Столица Урала
Журнал Столица Урала

About Edition

Many of us mention significant changes, which take place in Ekaterinburg recently. A lot of modern projects in the field of industry and science, culture and education, trade and services, are evidence of the our city's favorability for foreign investment of capital. At the same time, the successive activity of each company acting here, directly connected with the promotion of the Ekaterinburg's image as a modern megapolice, large business, political, culture and tourist center, because the key to success of every business in the struggle for the investments of the capital and for consumers is the appeal of territories where this business is presented.

Quarterly published magazine "Stolitsa Urala" keeps one of the privileged positions in information policy of city Administration and is an effective marketing tool for promotion both Ekaterinburg in general, and a certain company in particular.


  • All aspects of modern social-economic, political and cultural life of one of the Russian largest cities
  • Impressive events, achievements of Ekaterinburg citizens in different professional field of activity
  • Tendencies and prospects of city's development
  • Business and cultural interconnections
  • Opinions and comments of important persons


  • Officially - comments of the official persons
  • Events - survey of the events, digests
  • Opinions - social process and city's life from the professionals point of view
  • Theme of the issue - the key event of the city's life
  • The City - a new face of the big city: infrastructure, image, symbols, society
  • Projects - innovations in the city's life
  • Tourism - tendencies of tourism development in Ekaterinburg
  • International connections - the city in the system of international relations
  • Culture - the cultural capital of the Urals

Published by municipal enterprise "Stolitsa Urala" with the support of Administration of Ekaterinburg

Data out:

  • Number of copies: 5000
  • Periodicity: quarterly
  • Number of pages: from 64 pg
  • Format: А 4
  • Language: Russian, English
  • Printing quality: full-color laminated cover, full-color inside pages, glue joint

Target audience:

  • Business and political elite
  • Top managers of leading companies in different spheres of the city's economy
  • Economically active part of the citizens
  • Russian and foreign guests of Ekaterinburg


  • Exhibitions talking places in Ekaterinburg, in other Russian Federation's cities and abroad
  • At the flights of the "Ural Airlines"
  • At the international terminal of the "Koltsovo" airport
  • In presentation packages of Administration of Ekaterinburg
  • At events, organized with the support of Administration of Ekaterinburg (business meetings, conferences, etc.)
  • Courier delivery on our own direct mail address base

Forms of advertising:

  • Image module advertising
  • Informational-advertising text
  • Expert's comments
  • Theme project

We invite you for cooperation!

Tel./fax: +7 (343) 354-57-38

e-mail: media@ekburg.ru

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